Ars Technic’s Aaron Johnson explains why the federal government is asking to cancel Apple’s trademark applications

Apple has filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in order to cancel a number of its trademarks.

The company’s application is asking for the cancellation of Apple’s “iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPod mini, Apple television, Apple watch, and Apple Watch Series 3, which include the term ‘Apple television'” and a “watch face” in connection with the trademark.

The company’s filing is asking the USPTO to cancel all the trademarks it owns, including the “iPhone,” “iPhone 4, iPad,” “iPad Mini,” and “Apple TV,” as well as the “Apple Watch Series 4,” which includes “iPod touch” and “iPorts.”

The filing is also asking for Apple to pay the USPs fees and damages associated with the application.

As Ars previously reported, Apple’s application to trademark the iPhone has been a topic of discussion in the US and other countries for years.

As Apple has increasingly focused on selling the devices in their respective countries, the US has made a number efforts to stop the company from trademarking certain terms and features.

In June of last year, the federal district court in New York issued a decision that invalidated Apple’s use of the term “iPhone” in Apple products in the United States.

In September of last season, the court also issued a similar decision, invalidating Apple’s registration of the iPhone as a trademark in the EU.

In October of last spring, Apple filed a similar application with Apple Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in the European Union.

In March of this year, a federal district judge in New Jersey issued a ruling that invalidates the application, saying that Apple’s filing was “frivolous and lacking in merit.”

The decision also noted that the application was filed in the “early spring” and was not a “last resort” for Apple, noting that the company had “no other alternatives.”

In April, Apple also filed an Application for An Application for a New Trademark for the term iPhone in the Federal Register.

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