Why a company might buy a company with an old trademark

A company might have an old, defunct trademark in mind, but might not want to take on a company that has an old one.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently approved a trademark for a metal recycling company that could potentially be in the market for a brand new one.

According to the USPTO, the company has a registered trademark for the term “recyclation,” which is also the name of a process that uses water to make metal out of plastic.

The USPTC’s approval is for a term that was previously registered for “paint, paints, or plastics.”

The term is likely to be used to refer to plastic, metal, or any other recyclable material that can be used in the production of other products.

It is also likely to include metals and materials that are toxic to humans or animals.

While the term is not specific to recycled materials, the term could be applied to any type of recycled material, the USPs office says.

If the trademark application is approved, the recyclers would need to file a registration with the US Patent and Patent Office to use the term in their products, the agency said.

If the application is denied, the trademark holder would be able to use a different term for the same product, but would need the US Trademark office to issue a new registration.

The USPTS office is also issuing an emergency ruling that could delay the trademark registration until the agency can approve a new application.

It would then require that the trademark be renewed for three years.

The application was originally submitted to the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation in 2012.

It was granted on March 26.

The application has a value of $3.1 million and is awaiting review by the Office for Surface Mining.

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