Which are the US’s most valuable trademarks?

A list of the most valuable U.S. trademarks includes: “America” – used to describe the United States and its laws, as well as the nation’s currency, a flag and the name of the state, plus other national symbols and symbols associated with the country.

“Basketball” – to describe basketball, a sport for which the United Kingdom is the most popular.

“American” – a name for the United State.

“America First” – the slogan of President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016.

“Common Sense” – an anti-abortion ad that was one of the key messages of his presidential campaign.

“Corporate” – meaning it is a company that is part of a larger group.

“Currency” – also a trademark used to identify the value of goods or services.

“Creative” – using a unique or creative idea.

“Dental” – referring to dentistry or orthodontics.

“Finance” – making money by borrowing money from another person or institution.

“Gambling” – gambling.

“Healthcare” – medicine, nursing, dentistry, and other medical services.

(US: HMO.)

“Internet” – refers to the Internet.

“Junk” – junk mail, junk mail packages, or other similar material.

“Jewelry” – jewelry made of precious metals or other materials.

“Law” – legal system, rule of law, legal system principles, or system of laws, usually in the United Nations or some other international body.

“Medical” – medical treatment, surgery, or treatment for a disease or other condition.

“Motor Vehicle” – any vehicle used for moving goods or people, often a truck.

“Office” – office space, such as a cubicle, cubicle desk, or cubicle chair.

“Paper” – paper used to record information or make copies.

“Peanut butter” – butter, sometimes called peanut butter, peanut butter spread, peanut spread bars, or peanut butter cookies.

“Plastic” – materials that are made of plastic, such a plastic wrap, foam insulation, or plastic milk bottles.

“Sports” – sports or other sports, such for a baseball team, football team, basketball team, tennis team, or hockey team.

“Postal” – mail, postage stamps, or similar postal mail.

“Pizza” – pizza, usually referred to as an Italian sausage or sausage roll.

“Radio” – television, radio, radio broadcasting, or any other electronic communication medium.

“Rental” or “rental” (the act of renting a property) – renting a room or a rooming house, usually for the purpose of making a profit or to use as a vehicle to transport goods or materials.

This term can also refer to the purchase of an interest in a property, or to a rental agreement.

“Religious” – relating to religion or belief.

“Road” – generally refers to a road.

“Rock” or a rock-climbing type of rock – a type of granite rock.

“Royalty” – paid royalties to a person, corporation, or government.

“School” – educational institution, school, or related place.

“Space” – including, but not limited to, land, buildings, space, space station, space-related objects, space exploration equipment, or space station equipment.

“Sport” – sport, game, or athletic activity.

“Street” – street, road, street signs, or sidewalks.

“Television” – cable, satellite, and Internet television.

“Technology” – computer technology, including software and software products.

“Transportation” – transportation, including, without limitation, rail, bus, ferry, trolley, streetcar, motor vehicle, or bus.

“United States” – consisting of the states of the United Sates and territories, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

“Visa” – card issued by a credit card company, such that a person can use an American Express card to enter the United Republic of Nations and other international destinations.

“Wall Street” – financial services, investment, and trading activity.

This refers to all types of financial transactions, including stocks, bonds, options, futures contracts, and derivatives.

“Wedding” – celebratory celebration of marriage or other special event.

“Web” – Web site, computer application, or online service.

“World” – geographical area, region, or territory, including the entire world.

“Yacht” – boat, kayak, motor yacht, or boat-like vehicle.

“Zoo” – zoo, or zoo-like institution.

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