How a trademark rights lawsuit could affect Indian startups

The government has issued a trademark license for the company that owns the trademark for the word ‘covfefe’. 

This is a very important issue and it is also an important opportunity for Indian companies to get their own trademarks.

We are not asking for any big amount and we are not demanding anything.

We are trying to give the government the opportunity to have the right to use our brand name and that is not something we are trying for.

The government has been pushing for a trademark to be issued for the trademark, which has been challenged in court by a large number of businesses, including the Indian cricket team. 

In a bid to protect their trademarks, the Indian government has asked the court to declare the use of the trademark invalid and order a new licensing agreement.

The Centre has argued that the trademark application was frivolous and filed on a false basis.

It said that the registration of the brand name had already been done and it was merely a matter of timing.

The government argued that it had issued the trademark in April last year and that the application was filed in the wake of the cyber attacks on the government.

It had been claimed that the government had issued a warning notice to the cricket team after the hackers stole the passwords of nearly 100 million users. 

According to an official statement, the Centre has not granted any licence to a company to use the brand for a particular purpose.

The decision comes amid a heated debate over the future of Indian startups, which are in a transition phase. 

The government’s move comes as India is looking at the possibility of changing the trademark law to allow for more corporate entities to have their own brands.

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