Google trademark vs. trademark dispute

A trademark lawsuit against Google is headed to court in Florida, and the case is the latest twist in a dispute over what’s known as the “patent wars” of the past two decades.

The suit against Google and other companies has come about largely out of frustration over the fact that Google has maintained its own “search” trademark for nearly two decades and other search engines have challenged the validity of Google’s trademarks.

A California court on Monday dismissed a complaint by Yahoo!, a company that sells Yahoo search ads, which is the plaintiff in the case.


has long used the trademark for its own search advertising and marketing services.


was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, which was filed in November 2014 by the nonprofit Intellectual Property Alliance, a coalition of business and technology groups.

The complaint claimed that Yahoo!

infringed Google’s patent and trademark by selling advertising services that are not under the “searching” trademark.

The group also alleged that Google used its search services to infringe its trademarks.

Google has maintained that it does not use the search terms “search,” “search engine,” “yahoo,” or “yahoo” for its advertising services.

The company has argued that the “google” trademark was used for years in commerce and that other companies use the terms “google,” “google services,” and “google search” to refer to similar services.

In a statement, Google’s vice president of product development, Eric Wertheim, said that the company disagrees with the group’s claim that Google uses the search term “google.”

“Google has used its trademarks in commerce to promote products and services for years, and we continue to do so,” Wertheimer said.

“Google is an iconic brand that is used across industries and products, and this is an attempt to dilute our trademark rights by using the same ‘search’ term used by other companies.”

Google has said it will fight the case in court.

“We are confident that our strong position will prevail,” the company said in a statement.

The case could have broader implications for the entire digital economy.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights advocacy group, filed a complaint against Yahoo!

earlier this year alleging that Yahoo!.org used its “search for advertisers” service to illegally charge advertisers for “advertising space” that is not owned by Yahoo!.

Wertheim told Business Insider that the patent dispute is the second trademark dispute Google has had with another company.

In 2013, the search giant settled a lawsuit brought by Apple against the same company.

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