‘Hottest dog in the house’: Aussie man finds new home for ‘hottest dog’

The dog-loving, dog-walking, dog loving, dog walking Australian man who discovered a new home on the street with his new owner has dubbed it the “Hottest Dog in the House.”

Israel Katz, 43, was living in the West Bank city of Bethlehem with his girlfriend when he discovered the street corner.

“I saw the name, ‘Kamil,’ and I immediately thought, ‘That’s a really cool name,'” Katz told The Associated Press in an interview in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

“I thought, it’s an interesting name.

It’s an idea.

I had never seen a name that could stand for something I wanted to do.”

Katz, who is an English language teacher, says he started to take in the street as he was browsing the city for apartments, then realized it could be a home.

“The street is really beautiful.

It looks like the city, so you walk around it, and it’s very beautiful,” Katz said.

“It’s like a playground, where the dogs are playing and there’s a dog-park nearby, so it’s nice.”

Katz and his girlfriend are in a happy place, he said, and are enjoying the “hottest pet” in the world, who lives in a tent in a shed with a video camera and a blanket.

The owner of the dog, a 3-year-old poodle named Amira, is a registered Israeli citizen and Katz hopes to move to Israel when his daughter is old enough to get married.

Katz is now waiting for his visa to be approved to move with Amira.

“I’m not planning on going to Israel to be a citizen,” Katz told the AP.

“But I would love to see her married.

I would really love to marry her.”

He also wants to get his passport stamped and get his picture taken with Amra, the poodle.

Amira was born in a New Zealand breeder, Katz said, adding that he is a big fan of the breed.

Amira, who has been living in Israel since April, has been a resident of the West Jerusalem neighborhood since her birth, where Katz lives.

He said he found Amira’s new home because it is in a “high-quality neighborhood,” and is excited to get her to her new home.

Katz said he has been looking for an apartment for a while and now has a new, permanent home.

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