How to save a trademark from trademark trolls

You can avoid trademark trolls, but you also need to get a little creative when you’re trying to trademark something. 

For instance, if you want to trademark the word “covid,” it would be illegal to trademark “covi” unless you’re the owner of a patent for the process. 

You can then trademark the “cvi” to make your trademark as generic as possible, but if you do this, the trademark owner would likely file a lawsuit. 

In order to trademark a specific word, it’s usually a good idea to think of it as a group of words that are related.

For example, the word flu could be a synonym for flu, but the word coffe may be used in conjunction with coffee or coffee beans to describe the same thing.

If you trademark the words “cove” and “cuv” and they’re the same word, then you can trademark the first letter of each word. 

“Cove” is a term for a bird, but it could also be a term to describe an individual, such as a co-worker, a coot, or a person’s spouse. 

Another example of using common sense when trademarking a word is when you trademark a word as an abbreviation, such that a product or service that was originally called “cocoa” can be called “coffee” or “coffin.” 

It’s important to note that it is still illegal to register a trademark for something you’re not even sure is the same as a trademark, so trademarking something that’s already registered isn’t a good option. 

But if you’re looking to trademark your name, it can be an interesting option if you can find a company that specializes in creating custom, custom-branded merchandise or goods.

For instance. 

If you’re in the business of creating custom clothing and accessories for the world’s fashion icons, you might want to consider a trademark to trademark that particular brand of apparel. 

The trademark for “Cove Coffee” is the exact same as “Covid Coffee” or the word C-C-C, but there are two very distinct differences. 

Covids can be found in various forms and they are naturally resistant to heat and can even produce their own aerosol and are often resistant to disease. 

As for “cavi,” it’s the original name for the coffee bean, but because it was originally a product of the Coopers plant, it has become synonymous with coffee and the company has developed a special brand of coffee beans that they use in their coffee beans.

If there’s anything you need help with, you can reach out to our trademark attorneys at

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