How Google’s ‘Googles trademark’ could end up costing it hundreds of millions of dollars

The “Googlies” trademark is owned by Google.

The term is used by Google to refer to the Google search engine.

The trademark was first used in 2011 when Google announced its intent to create a brand for its new products.

It’s now up for renewal by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which was scheduled to decide on the case on Wednesday.

Google also has a trademark on the term “Gogles,” which stands for Google, Alphabet, and Google.

It was created by a patent-holding company called Google Intellectual Property (GIP) in 2003, but it was quickly taken over by Microsoft in 2009, according to the patent office.

The “Gogs” trademark was initially registered in the United States.

According to the U., Google is trying to get the trademark invalidated by pointing out its alleged infringement.

In its filing, the company argues that the trademark violates both Microsoft’s and Google’s trademark laws because it “implies a ‘patentable invention’ that is the product of a specific process and technology,” according to Recode.

“The ‘Gogs’ trademark, like the ‘Googs’ brand name, is not a trademark, but a mark of goodwill, a symbol of goodwill to consumers,” the filing says.

The U.s.

Patent & Trademark office will review the filing, and it is expected to issue a ruling in the next few weeks.

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