Why it’s time to stop using the term ‘fake news’

The term “fake news” has been used to describe a range of falsehoods, from lies about President Trump to stories about Hillary Clinton to claims that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

But the term is not the only one that is being used.

“Fake news” is being misused to label articles that are not accurate, and some have gone so far as to label the term “bias” or “fakery” to describe how stories are written.

That’s according to a new report from the Pew Research Center that examined the term and its use by news organizations.

The Pew report found that the term was used more than 50 million times in 2017 and that nearly a third of the time was spent on “misleading” content.

The term has been misused by news outlets in the past, and its usage is a significant problem, according to the report.

The report found a whopping 6.5 million instances of misleading content in 2017, which is about a third the amount of the years previous years.

The phrase was most frequently used in 2017 to describe news stories that were misleading.

The most frequently misused phrase was “fake” (17.2 million times), followed by “bureaucracy” (14.5) and “bipartisan” (12.7).

“Bias” was the second most common misused term, with about half of the total instances of “fake,” but the report also found that a quarter of those instances were in reference to the way news stories are presented, such as stories about the president’s birthplace or his health.

The use of the term in 2017 is a sign of a problem in how news outlets are reporting the news.

The number of instances of misinformation in the news has spiked in recent years, particularly in the wake of the election of President Donald Trump, according the report, which noted that the number of stories about Russia and the election have grown since then.

The increase has come despite the fact that journalists and political analysts are becoming more accurate, the report said.

The media is not always fair, and biased coverage can undermine trust in the media and influence how we report on and respond to events, the Pew report said, according To understand why the term has come to be associated with misleading coverage, Pew’s report notes that the media often has a difficult time distinguishing fact from fiction.

“The media often focuses on sensationalized claims or on stories that are either true or not true,” the report noted.

“In this sense, the term bias is an unfortunate but necessary descriptor to describe the way the media reports on political news, and is not synonymous with fact.”

The report noted that in recent decades, news organizations have begun to focus more on the role of social media, which can allow outlets to reach a wider audience and create a more informed, informed public.

It also noted that news organizations and political commentators have begun using the phrase to describe stories about President Donald J. Trump and his administration, but that the use of bias in the context of Trump is a recent phenomenon.

In addition to using “basket of deplorables” to characterize people who believe his policies are harmful, the media also used “racist” to refer to Trump supporters, “faux news” to identify news reports that are “biased” and “fake.”

In 2017, the terms “bogus news” and similar terms were used to refer exclusively to news stories on the president.

In the past two years, however, the use and misuse of “birther” and the term of “faking news” have become more common, the study said.

According to the Pew research, “bimbo eruptions” and other variations on the term have also been used more frequently.

“Bimbo eruption” has come up as a term to describe articles that appear to show bias against one group of people, such to Trump’s opponents.

It’s also been mentioned in articles about a lawsuit filed by an ex-employee of the former president over his treatment of women.

The news outlet The Hill has reported on a case where an unnamed woman accused former President Donald Trumps White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, of sexual harassment.

The article has been picked up by outlets such as CNN and The New York Times.

“Faux news,” on the other hand, has been more common in the mainstream media, where it has been reported on by CNN, The Washington Post, NBC, The Wall Street Journal and other outlets.

The Washington Free Beacon, which first reported the use “fake-news” in 2017 on a story about the Trump administration, has also reported on this phenomenon in 2017.

This ‘fakery’ is often done to try and make the public believe that something that

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