Jewelry company to trademark jewelry trademark

Jewelry brand L’Oreal will soon be the first to get its trademarked name.

L’Oréal has applied for the trademark in the United States for the term “Oréals jewelry,” a move that comes a year after it filed for the same trademark in Belgium.

Léopold Segal, vice president of international marketing for L’Événement, the company that owns L’Occitane, said in a statement that it was pleased to be the brand’s first customer for the name. 

“We believe that the term Oréals signifies that L’Astra is an innovative brand that reflects L’Osphènes ideals and values,” Segal said.

L.A. has a lot of brands that have the same name.

“I think it’s great that they’re finally coming together, so I can see the brand become a more cohesive brand,” said Sarah Wasserstein, who is working on a book about L’Eve’s jewelry. 

Oréas has been trademarking the name for more than 30 years.

LVMH launched the brand in 1978, and in 2003 the company launched its own jewelry line with a line of jewelry designed by designer Yves Saint Laurent.

The brand has also been the subject of a lot more controversy recently.

In February, a French fashion designer, Pierre Rifat, sued LVMh for trademark infringement for using the name L’Asphalt, which he claimed to be a homage to the LVMhares racing team.

And in November, the fashion house announced plans to discontinue using the brand name LVMHAres in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit against the brand.

LVC, the French cosmetics brand that owns the L’Enfants Temps brand, is also using the term L’Atelier, but L’Entretien has not.

L’Emelec is the only company in the world to have its name registered for the word “Orée,” a trademark that refers to the natural materials that are manufactured by Oréal.

LEME is the world’s only cosmetic company to have trademarked its name for the substance.

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