Why is the HTC name trademarked?

Posted September 05, 2018 09:02:22 HTC is trademarking the word “HTC” on a range of products and branded hardware products, including its flagship smartphone, the HTC 10.

The name HTC, a combination of the words “HIT” and “HALF”, is one of the most widely-recognized trademarks in the smartphone industry, with the brand holding the number one spot on the New York Times Brand Guide.

In recent years, HTC has also been known for using its trademark in branding its own phones and accessories, including the HTC One M8.

In a trademark filing last year, the US Patent and Trademark Office described the HTC logo as a “common symbol, motif, design, or arrangement of characters, letters, numerals, characters, or designs used by companies, individuals, or entities to identify themselves, their products, services, or brands.”

“The trademark design includes characters, letterings, numerations, character designs, characters or designs, and other similar motifs, elements, and combinations of characters or letters, such as in design, typography, color, lettering, typeface, and/or type style, or as an integral part of a logo, logo design, graphics, or other distinctive elements,” the filing stated.

While HTC has been working on a new phone and hardware product for the past few years, it has continued to use the HTC trademark.

In addition to the new HTC 10 smartphone, HTC is currently in the process of trademarking a range in various industries including the TV, film, film and TV-based content, consumer electronics, gaming and online content, wearable technology, smart home, and online gaming.

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